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RapidScan One is a compact reader with built-in indicator lights. The operation is so simple that users can determine the results immediately.

• UV-C sterilization
• Compact size, light weight
• Easy to use without learning
• Suitable for many kinds of cassette/strip
• Indicator lights allow users to see at a glance


Unique light display allows users to clearly know the results of the specimen.

Connected to web UI throw your browsers. 

• Easy-using operation & indicator light
• Small size that does not take up space
• Analysis data export to csv file with image
• Helping end users to review and collect image & data
• Providing flexible QR code format for different user scenarios

Dimensions  11 x 9 x 8cm
Weight 760g
Power DC 12V 1.5A, battery(option)
Interface USB 2.0

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