Pacific Image Electronics Co., Ltd

Core Capabilities

Core Capabilities

R&D - Advanced R&D capability


Electronics Engineering

• Electronics Engineering
• Electronic hardware design
• Optical sensors (CCD, CMOS) development & integration  
• A/D processor integration
• FPGA and ASIC design
• Embedded system implement
• Wire/Wireless communication development
• Firmware design and integration


Mechanical Engineering

• Computer Aided Engineering(CAE)
• 3D Mechanical Design/Pro-Engineering
• Thermal control development
• Light source design
• High Resolution optical path design
• Precise transmission and movement design

Biochemistry Engineering

• Rapid test /Array chip reader development
• SPR(Surface Plasmon Resonance) platform
• Fluorescent / Colorimetric detection system
• QPCR system /Thermal cycling solution
• Electrophoresis imaging system design
• Liquid handling device and system design

Software Development and Integration

• Windows, Mac OS, Linux UI development
• IOS/Android APP design
• Image recognition applications
• Microarray/Gel image analysis
• Image/Color/Color balance processing
• Color matching and correction
• Multiple-sampling and exposure

Manufacture & QA System

• ERP system implemented for material supply & management
• Class 10000 clean booth
• 25K monthly production capacity
• Quality Information System (Q.I.S.) implemented
• Smart AI (Artificial Intelligent testing) QA Program