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Cloud Solution

We offer a website data system that combines lateral flow readers into a cloud-based solution to be used for a variety of applications. The solution offers instant results, accurate reporting, and negative test results publishing over the internet, which are useful in controlling virus outbreaks like the COVID-19 pandemic.
▪ Real time monitoring of pandemic situation
▪ Publish negative test report via the internet
▪ Airport screening for COVID-19
▪ Return to work screening for COVID-19
▪ Website analysis solution for at home test

▪ Real time monioring of pandemic situation

Our web data system receives instand test results and tester data from RapidScan readers via the internet. Authorities can log in and monitor the most up-to-date screening results all over the country in real time.


▪ Publish negative test report via the internet

Rapid test station can use readers and web data system to publish negtaive test report to testers's mobile dvice via QR code and the interent. People can freely access public places with a valid negative test report.


▪ Airport screening of COVID-19

An airport can use a cloud-based solution to screen for infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Passenage receive negtaive test report at airport is allowed to boarding. It is a time-saving and cost-effective solution for large-scale screening at airports and traffic hubs.


▪ Return to work screening for COVID-19

The corporation can install a test station with a cloud-based solution for employer screening of COVID-19 to reduce the spread of the disease and ensure a safe working environment for its employees.


▪ Web report system for at-home test


We develop web reporting systems for test kit manufacturers who offer at-home rapid testing. The web report system allows testers to receive and submit test results using their smart phone or mobile device. It has the following advantages over the app.

  • No app upgrade maintenance effort
  • High test result storage capacity


Demo site:

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