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RapidScan DSK is a powerful tool providing advanced features needed to design the parameters of lateral flow rapid testing. Operators can configure all the settings in 15 minutes with just 3 easy steps!

.Control/Test Line ROI setting
.Calibration curve setting
.Real time reaction analysis
.QR code for batch data update
.Dilution Factor setting

• Opeator can easily select reagent/materials with image & data
• Define the control & test line’s concentration
• Define the LoD (limitation of detection) of kit
• Analysis data exports to a csv file along with the image
• Lot parameters adjustment
• Providing flexible QR code format for different user scenarios


Product Content

PRO Software

PC reader

Customized Adapter

Dimensions  9.4 x 10.8 x 17cm
Weight 600g
Power Powered from PC
Panel PC screen

If there are any issues regarding the download, please refer to the following link: 

/archive/scanner/How to Download software from Scanace Website.pdf


Manual for 0295-1 (English) 

Manual for 0295-1 (Chinese) 

Manual for 0347 (English)  

Manual for 0347 (Chinese) 

Manual for 0396-6 (English) 

Manual for 0396-6 (Chinese) 



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