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PrimeFilm 120 Pro Plus

PrimeFilm 120 Pro Plus

▪ Medium Format 120 Film
▪ 135 Film & Slide
▪ 6,400 dpi, True Color
▪ Optimal Brightness - Auto Exposure
▪ IR Dust/Scratch Removal - Magic Touch
▪ HDR - Multipass Xposure
▪ Color Reconstruction - Auto Color/Fading Film Color Correction
▪ Noise Reduction – DNR
▪ Image Processing Tools – Color Tone/Histogram/Gamma Curve/Color Balance
▪ Fast/Quality Scanning Mode
▪ Support Mac/Windows

▪ Supports a Wide Variety of Industry-standard Film - With the new PrimeFilm 120 Pro Plus, not only do we have the same functionality and quality from our dedicated 135 film and slide scanning, but we also include a wide variety of professional medium format 120 film with 6 x 4.5cm, 6 x 6cm, 6 x 7cm, 6 x 9cm & 6 x12cm different sizes.


▪ 6,400 dpi, True color - 6,400 dpi, True color - Different from the majority of DSLR or CMOS scanners using area sensors with Bayer patterns to simulate RGB, PrimeFilm 120 Pro Plus uses true RGB linear array CCD to scan, which provides high quality scanning at space and color intensity resolution. 

 One-button Scan - Just insert the film tray and press the button in front of PrimeFilm 120 pro Plus, users can experience a fast & easy scanning process. 

 Enhanced Image Processing

a. Optimal Brightness - Even if the film is under-exposure, Auto Exposure achieves optimal brightness by adjusting exposure time according to the pre-scanned image. 

b. Bleaching Reduction - Auto Contrast technology makes highlights appear lighter and shadows appear darker within images.

c. Infrared Dust and Scratch Removal - Magic Touch technology eliminates flaws in film, such as dust or scratches, in the final image scan.

d. Optimal Dynamic Range - Multipass Xposure technology scans each frame or slide multiple times to enhance the detail of dark area without sacrificing the bright area.

e. Higher Color Accuracy - Accurate color adjustment, resulting in vibrant images with optimal brightness, contrast and saturation.

f. Digital Noise Reduction - Isolate and manage noise/grain in both highlight and shadow areas without sacrificing image detail.g. Fading Film Color Correction - As the films are placed in a long period of time, it will become fading. We have unique technology to correct this issue.


▪ Imaging Processing Tools - Several image processing tools are provided so that the user can easily generate his or her own personalized color expression. 

     a. Color Tone - adjust and see 8 different color changes instantly 

     b. Histogram & Gamma Curve - Adjust gamma curve to see the difference from the image directly

     c. Color Balance - More parameters for users to adjust image performance 

  ▪ Fast / Quality Mode - The speed difference of nearly 4 times provides users with a greater selection difference in scanning time and high-quality images.


  ▪ Increase Scanning Speed Compared with the Previous Generation


  ▪ Improve Scanning Sound to be 3~4 dB Quieter Compared with the Previous Generation. 

• Support Windows 7/8/10/11
• RAM 4 GB minimum
• Hard Disk free space 50 GB or greater

• Mac OS X 10.7 (minimum), PowerPC NOT supported
• RAM 4 GB minimum
• Hard Disk free space 50 GB or greater

Scanning Media

Media: Negatives and Positives, in Color and Monochrome. 

135 Film: 1 Strip of 1-6 Frames (max.) 

135 Slides: 1- 4 Slides with Mounts. 

Medium-Format Film: 1-2 Frames (6 x 4.5),1-2 Frames (6 x 6), 

1 Frame (6 x 7, 6 x 8, 6 x 9, 6 x 12 )

Resolution 6,400 DPI
Dynamic Range   4.2
Advanced Features   Manual Film & Slide Scanning
User friendly interface

One Button Scan

Sensor 3 line R, G & B linear CCD sensor
Light Source White and Infrared (IR) LEDs
Output Full Color or Gray scale at 8 or 16 bits per Channel
A/D conversion 16 Bits per Channel (i.e. 48-bit)
Interface USB 2.0 Only (USB 1.1 not supported)
Power Supply

Input: AC 100-240V; 50/60 Hz

Output: 12V DC / 1.5A


• Film Holder 
• Slide Holder

• Medium Format Film Holder
• Wall-Mount Adapter
• USB 2.0 Cable
• Quick Installation Guide

Dimensions  15.7 x 7.8 x 6.3 inch
Net Weight 12.3lb

Windows 7/8/10/11

Mac OS 10.7 (minimum)

Hardware Requirements  


• RAM: 8 GB Minumum 
• Hard Disk Free Space: 50 GB or more



• RAM: 8 GB Minumum 
• Hard Disk Free Space: 50 GB or more

Please refer to the Quick Installation Quide before downloading:

/archive/scanner/PIE_QIG 2021 ENGLISH_2021_12_17.pdf


Driver for Mac OS 10.7 or higher



Driver for Windows 7/8/10/11 32 & 64 bit



Product Inquiry

    If you require technical support, please provide serial number from the bottom of the scanner