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Slite 600

Slite 600

Slite 600 is a compact gel documentation system that comes with several intuitive features, including easy operation, fast response times, and standalone mode. This imaging system consists of an industrial grade CMOS camera, motor driven lens, 590 nm filter, white backlight board, and a UV transilluminator. Gels stained with chemifluorescence dyes such as EtBr, SYPRO Ruby, SYBR Green I/II, SYBR Gold, etc... can be excited by UV light and captured by the system.

Slite 600 is designed to be a standalone workstation with a single all-in-one processor embedded within. No external PC connection is required for further system operation. Slite 600 is equipped with an 8'' built-in LCD touch screen that allows for direct handling of image data without any difficulty. Moreover, with the smart UI and vivid icons, it can rapidly capture gel images with high accuracy. Using Slite 600 will provide a smooth gel documentation experience and maximize efficiency throughout research.

• 6M Resolution camera

• Multiple light sources: UV, Epi white & white backlight, Cyan light

• UV light for fluorescencent dye-stained DNA (ex. EtBr)/protein (ex. SYPRO Ruby) gel imaging

• Easily interchangeable light sources

• Standalone operation with no PC required 

• Wire connection available for system operation/image capture


   Slite 600 Slite 600C
 Camera sensor  CMOS
 Image Resolution  6 Mega pixels
 Lens Type 6 x Zoom Lens/ Motor-driven Lens
 Focus Auto Focus, Motorized
 Saving Bit Depth 8, 16 bits/channel
 Epi Cyan light 505nm NA V
 UV transilluminator 302nm V V
 White Light Panel V V
 White EPI Light V V
 Viewing Area 20 x 16cm
 Display Panel 8” TFT LCD touch screen / stand alone operation
 Image Format TIFF, JPEG, BMP
 I/O Port USB: storage/printing ; Ethernet
 Dimensions 300 x 430 x 600 mm( 11.81 x 16.93 x 23.62 inch)
 Weight 30 Kg (70.75 lb)

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