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Glite T8

Glite 600 is the compact gel documentation system for all research labs with professional-grade sensitivity for DNA-Fluor detection. Glite 600 is suitable for the following applications:
EtBr, GelRed, GelGreen, SYBR Gold、GelSafe, ECO Safe, Coomassie G-250, Silver Staining, X-Ray film and more.

GelView 600 software provides users Smart Capture, zoom-in/out, auto contrast, quick DNA M.W. demarcate and “ABC“ Gel Mark Pen features.


6X zoom


Auto Contrast


ABC text mark pen


Camera sensor  CMOS
Image Resolution  8 Mega pixels
Saving Bit Depth 8, 16 bits/channel
Exposure setting 11 Levels
Cyan light V
White Epi light V
White back light V
Viewing area 16 x 11 cm
Emission Filter Amber filter
Image Format TIFF, JPEG
UI Language English、簡中、繁中
Dimension 300  X 260  X 257 mm/ 11.8 X 10.2 X 10.1 inch
Weight 10kgs / 22lbs
Power AC Adaptor, 12V/4.16A

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