Glite UV


Glite UV is the perfect GDS for all research labs offering great sensitivity for EtBr stained DNA detection. Auto UV shut off mechanism provides safety for researchers. Moreover, gel excision can be performed when UV light is manually turned on and the protective shield is used. With the smart built-in GelView software, users can capture, edit, and analyze the gel images simultaneously.



1. Compact PC controlled system.
2. Real-time GelView smart image capturing software.
3. Exchangeable emission filter.
4. Non-flicker UV light source.
5. Automatic UV shut off mechanism.




The UV light source in Glite UV is suitable for the following applications,

1.  Nucleic acid DNA agarose gel: EtBr-stained gel, SYBR Green-stained gel, etc…
2.  Protein SDS-PAGE gel: SYPRO Ruby-stained gel, etc…
3.  Blue dye-stained agarose gel: SYBR Safe-stained gel, Midori Green-stained gel, etc….*
*:  An optional filter may be required for blue dye staining gel observation.  Please contact your local dealer for optional filter information.


Resolution 9M Pixels
Color Depth 8 Bit
Exposure Time 0.05 sec to 10 sec
Excitation Filter 140(L) X 180 (W) X 3(H) mm
Image Printer USB 2.0 port (Back)
Emission Filter 617 nm BP
View Area 12 cm X 16 cm
Lighting source UVB 310 nm
Mode Image Capture, Image Edit,
Data Analysis
Image Format JPEG, TIF
Dimensions 300 X 260 X 227 mm/11.81 X 10.23 X 8.94 inch
Weight 10 kg / 22lb




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