Chipron Meat 5.0 LCD Kit


Chipron LCD Aarray Kit Meat 5.0 is a DNA-based identification kit of animal species. With its sophisticated design of primer and probe, Meat 5.0 provides user a fast and reliable screening method to identify 24 animal species in a very short protocol. The whole protocol takes less than 2.5 hours. Special designed software let user receive identification report with just few clicks. It is a perfect kit for lab to use as a first round screen to quickly get the maximum result in one experiment.


One experiment to know 24 animal species
–Cover 24 species in one experiment,
–Perfect experiment for First Round screen
–Find unexpected additions of animal material. Traditional method cannot offer!

* Weak cross reactivity of the capture probe for Reindeer with pure Red Deer and vice versa can occur at high target

Robust: Non fluorescent detection chemistry.

Fast: 90 minutes PCR, 45 minutes array protocol

Cost Efficient: Minimal lab instrumentation required.


Reliable: Automatic, software assisted data read-out.


[l] lwobi A. , Huber I., Hauner G., Miller A. and Busoh U ., (2011):
Biochip Technology ·for the Detection of Animal Species in Meat Products;
Food Analytical Methods, Vol 4, Na 3, pp. 389-398
[2] Cawthom O.M., Steinman H.A ., Hoffman L.C. (2013):
A high incidence of species substitution .and mislabelling detected in meat products sold in
South Africa; Food Control 32 (20 13) 440 - 449


1.Food faud inspection & control

2.Used as a "first round screen" to find unexpected ingredients. Saving lots of time & efforts

3.Suitable Customers:Government control lab

                                      Privaet lab

                                      Research lab"



Meat 5.0 Biochip tests 96 tests Storage Condition
LCD-Arrays 1 box, X4 chips 3 boxes,X12 chips 4°C to 28°C
Kit contents      
Wash Powder  1 bottle 2 bottles 4°C to 28°C
MEAT PrimerMix 1 x 100μl 2 x 100μl - 10°C to - 25°C
Modulator 1 x 300μl 2 x 300μl 4°C to 28°C
Dilution Buffer 1 x 2000μl 2 x 2000μl 4°C to 28°C
Stain 1 x 2000μl 2 x 2000μl 4°C to 28°C
Hybridization Buffer B 1 x 1750μl 2 x 1750μl - 10°C to - 25°C
Label 1 x 20μl 2 x 20μl - 10°C to - 25°C



Accessory Products: Product  Description
Slide Reader Software 1 License 
SlideReader Scanner One unit
CHIP Spin FVL 2400N  Mini-Centrifuge for LCD-Arrays


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