ColorFluor 200 RGB


The Colorfluor 200 RGD illuminator is built with a patented Total Internal Reflection (T.I.R) Snell Lighting technology. All three-color LEDs in the system excite fluorescent dyes with high efficiency which helps detect multiple fluorescent signals on 2D gels. The ColorFluor 200 RGB illuminator is an excellent instrument for proteomics research.


1. Patented Total Internal Reflective (T.I.R) excitation: full excitation with high contrast on signal/background using less light intensity.
2. Multiple light sources for a broad range of fluorescent substance excitations.
3. Excellent for multi color fluorescent applications on gels.
4. Excellent for upgrading entry level Gel Doc systems for multi-color fluorescent applications.
5. Low energy consumption
6. No laser or UV light excitation: no harm to human health.



The three light sources equipped within Colorfluor® RGB illuminator are red, green, and blue LED lights.  Thus, wide range of color fluorescence applications may be processed through light source excitations:

1.Red light applications:  Alexa™ 647, Alexa™ 660, allophycocyanin, cy5, TO-PRO™-3, etc….
2.Green light applications:  :  Alexa™ 546, Alexa™ 555, Alexa™ 568, cy3, Nile red, Rhodamine B, TRITC, etc….

3.Blue light applications: :  Alexa™ 488, cy2, SYBR Safe, SYBR Green, SYBR Gold, SYPRO Ruby, FITC, ethidium bromide, etc….


LED Light Source Red, Green, and Blue LED
Power AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption  R, G, B Led: Lower then 5W 
Viewing Area  200 X 200 mm 
Control panel Power on/off, green, blue, red light  buttons
Dimensions 345 X 250 X 70 mm(13.58 x 9.84 x 2.76 inch)
Weight 5kg(11.02lb)


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