ArrayReader I


ArrayReader I is a highly efficient instrument carrying high resolution features for spot detection with easy operation figure.  ArrayReader I equips with high resolution CCD sensor that is able to detect the array spot up to 15 um in diameter.  Also, high sensitivity with low background noise is the other major feature coming along with the model.  The light path design inside of the device is in transmitted format for which the format is specifically suitable for colorimetric spot signal detection.  The compact size of the ArrayReader I will let you obtain the array data anywhere you want in the laboratory.


•Cost effective solution for colorimetric DNA/Protein array

Array Reader I is an ideal & very cost effective instrument for scanning colorimetric array. With its easy touse software and high sensitivity CCD sensor, it can provide unparalleled rice/performance ratio to reseachers/scientists "

•High resolution for array spot detection (up to 15 μm in dia.)

•Efficient scanning area with transmitted light path (good for regular  glass slide spotting platform)

•Customization is welcome.


Through microarray spotting technology, ArrayReader I may scan microarray chip for the following purposes

1.Detection of target sequences from cDNA or genome
2.Detection of antibody-antigen interactions

3.Detection of protein-protein interactions
4.Detection of ligand –receptor interactions
.Detection of infectious diseases
6.Identification of species Success case: Chipron Meat 4.0 LCD Kit


Resolution 7200 x 7200 dpi
Reaction Zone 36 X 24 mm
Signal Expression Color
Picture Format TIFF, JPEG
Light Format




Dimensions 410 X 150 X 280 mm(2.75 x 6.65 x 11 inch)
Weight 2.1KG(4.63lb)


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