Glite 900 BW


The Glite 900 BW gel documentation system is one of the most compact gel documentation systems in the world. Equipped with a powerful blue light source, the Glite 900 BW can excite the most popular and eco-friendly fluorescent dyes on the market and is able to capture and store the gel image for further analysis. Moreover, the provided white light source can be used to easily digitize colorimetric dye stained gels and Western blots without any difficulty. With the Glite 900 BW, you will experience just how simple and efficient it is at capturing your images.



1.Transmitted blue light for ECO Safe, Midori Green, SYBR Safe and SYPRO Ruby stained gel image, etc.
2.Transmitted white light for coomassie blue stained gel and scientific film, etc
3.Epi white light for HRP/DAB western blot image.
4.Ultralight, portable, and compact size.

5.Waterproof, the gel directly on the surface of the Lighting area.


Both blue and white light sources suitable for the following applications:
1. Blue light Applications:  SYPRO Ruby gel stain, SYBR Safe gel stain, SYBR Green gel stain, SYBR Gold gel Stain applications.  
2. White light application: Coomassie blue gel stain, western blot colorimetric signal forms.


I. Image Capturing Unit

Sensor Color CMOS Sensor
Resolution 9M Pixels
Exposure Time 0.3~ 2 sec (7 Scales)
Image Storage
SD Card Storage
View Area  16 x 10.5cm (Fixed Lens)

 II. Lens and Filter

Filter Turret Manual-Driven, 2 position
Emission Filter 520nm Amber Filter

III. Lighting

Blue Light 470nm Blue LED Light
Epi White Light LED White Light
White Back Light LED White Light Panel

VI. Interface

Display Panel Build-in 2.7” TFT LCD
Image Storage SD Card Storage
Output 1. USB 2.0 (Card Reader)
2. TV out ( 3.5 mm end and RCA end)

V. General Info

Power AC Adaptor, 12V/1.5A
Dimension (WxHxD) 207x229x254mm ( 8.14 x 9.02 x 10 inch)
Gel Tools Shovel, Amber View Shield
3.2Kg (7.05 lb)
Certification CE, FCC


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