PrimeFilm 120 Pro


• Supports a wide variety of industry-standard film (negative and positive) sizes -
   including 35mm, 120/200, 6 x 4.5cm, 6 x 6cm, 6 x 7cm, 6 x 9cm – 6 x12cm
• Superior quality, 3-line CCD sensor
• 48-bit, 3200dpi optical resolution
• Automatic dust & scratch removal 

With the new PrimeFilm 120 Pro, not only do we have the same functionality and quality you have come to expect from our dedicated 35mm film and negative scanners, but we also included a wide variety of professional film formats. It includes our unique and patented technology, Magic Touch, for automatic dust and scratch removal from films. An advanced 3-line CCD sensor and fast scanning speeds - even at a gorgeous 3200dpi optical resolution - takes this scanner to new heights and make this model the one for scanning a broad range of film sizes.


Scanning Media
Media: Negatives and positives, in color and monochrome. 
35mm film: 1 strip of 1-6 frames (max.) 
35mm slides: 1- 4 slides with mounts. 
Medium-format film: 1-2 frames (6 x 4.5),1-2 frames (6 x 6), 
1 frame (6 x 7, 6 x 8, 6 x 9, 6 x 12 )
Optical resolution
Up to 3,200 pixels per inch.
Image Sensor
3 line R, G & B linear CCD sensor
Color separation
Performed by CCD RGB filters & white LEDs
A/D conversion
16 Bits per channel (i.e. 48-bit)
Output Full color or gray scale at 8 or 16 bits per channel
Interface USB 2.0 ONLY (USB 1.1 not supported)
Light Source White and Infrared (IR) LEDs
AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 400 (L) x 200 (W) x 160 (H) mm(15.7 x 7.8 x 6.3 inch)
Weight 5.6 kg(12.3lb)

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System 32 & 64 bit Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8/Win 10, USB 2.0
CPU Intel P4 2 GHz or higher or AMD 2.0 GHz or higher
RAM 1 GB minimum
Hard Disk free space 10GB or greater

Operating System MAC OS 10.5+ INTEL based processor, PowerPC NOT SUPPORTED
CPU Intel Core 2 Duo, speed 1.8 GHz
Memory/RAM 1 GB, 667 MHz, DDR2 SDRAM

Package Contents

PrimeFilm120 Pro Film and Slide Scanner
AC Adaptor

USB 2.0 Cable
CyberView X5 CD
User manua
Media holders: 35mm slide holder for 4 framed slides up to 3.2mm thickness, 35 film holder forfilm strips with up to 6 frames, 1 medium format holder for 1-3 frames (6 x 4.5cm, 6 x 6cm, 6 x 7cm, 6 x 8cm, 6 x 9cm, 6 x 12cm). Scans 120 slides without frames. All holders need to be operateed manually.