PrimeHisto XE


PrimeHisto XE, a histology slide scanner, is designed specifically for medical/pathological tissue sample observations. PrimeHisto XE is able to scan histology samples mounted on a 1 x 3 inch cover slipped glass slide. With intuitive set up features, PrimeHisto XE can digitize the histology sample within a few seconds. The scanner comes with HistoView, an editing software package combined with a product hardware driver that can scan and adjust quality parameters of images on both Windows and Mac OS environments. PrimeHisto XE can save the scanned images in various image formats such as TIFF, BMP and JPEG formats.
As a new generation of histology sanner emerges, PrimeHisto XE carries capabilities that fit most histology slide samples and can even scan whole histology slide images within the scanning area of 24.3 x 36.5 mm. PrimeHisto XE also carries a high resolution up to 10,000 dpi that helps with a variety of microscopic applications found in advanced biological research in universities and high schools.


1.Fast and cost effective feature to digitize slide tissue sample
2.Simple operation interface with PC/MAC.
3.High Dynamic Range (3.8 OD) can easily Identify each cell individually.
4.From basic histology research to high school biology study.

5.New Design Rotatable Polarizer Holder (Option) allows scanning of thin sections of polished rock  on 1 X 2 inch glass slides in both bright field and polarized light    


PrimeHisto XE may scan histology sample for the following purposes
1.Basic histology research
2.Biology and histology study in college
3.Biology study in high school


Resolution 10,000 x 10,000 dpi
Signal Expression Color
Dynamic Range 3.8
Scanning Area 24.3 x 36.5 mm (H x W)
Scan medium

75 x 25mm Slides

Picture Format TIFF, JPEG
Light Light Transmission white LED
Holder Tissue Slide Holder (Standard)
Rotatable Polarizer Holder (Option)
PC Interface Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 /10 Intel-based Mac OS X 10.5 and higher
Dimensions 275 X 167 X 80 mm (10.8 x 6.57 x 3.15 inch)
Weight 2.1KG (4.63 lb)

100~240 AC Adapter, 12V/1.5A

Example Images