SilverFast SE 8

SilverFast SE 8 Scanner Software

SilverFast SE 8 scanner software is specifically designed for beginners. The images benefit from the intelligent automatic functions that make the scan and imaging process so much easier.

The WorkflowPilot, which leads through the processing step by step, assures a correct workflow - an entirely new dimension of scanning. Additionally, the preview window ensures predictable colors for all types of originals, even for negatives.

SilverFast SE 8 includes a series of QuickTime movies that are directly accessible through the software. They provide an ideal support to become familiar with the SilverFast features.

Especially for scanning slides, film and negatives please pay attention to SilverFast‘s advanced beginner version of SilverFast SE Plus 8 ( Benefit from the additional features Multi-Exposure, AACO, the Auto Frame Alignment, the Descreening with automatic screen detection and the Kodachrome Functions.

WorkflowPilot® - The patent-pending WorkflowPilot is an essential core element of

SilverFast 8. This novel feature, which guides the user as a kind of wizard in the correct order through all processing steps required for his individual workflow, is unique in the world. Depending on which material should be digitized for what purpose, there is a different workflow that will be worked on step by step after starting the WorkflowPilot. In addition, the user is supported by the wizard with informational texts and QuickTime movies that are directly callable from within the software. The WorkflowPilot prevents potential errors during the operation, which could result in applying various tools in an incorrect order. Of course, the advanced user can also work completely free without using the WorkflowPilot.

SilverFast GUI - The user interface of SilverFast 8 is newly developed by current standards, for the user can operate all major functions quickly and easily. The GUI also offers the possibility to flexibly arrange the control elements anywhere on the screen to fit personal preferences easily by dragging and dropping using the mouse. This proves especially useful when working with two monitors. In WorkflowPilot mode, the required tool dialogs automatically open in the foreground.

Preview Concept - The SilverFast Preview Concept allows to immediately see a preview of the final scan result of any adjusted setting. Even the results of complicated image enhancement functions, such as iSRD for infrared-based dust and scratch removal and Unsharp Masking USM, can be assessed with SilverFast 8 in advance. A 100% zoom facilitates to properly evaluate and set the parameters of these tools.

SCC® - A Selective Color Correction is achieved as quick as a flash in a simple manner. One mouse click onto the object to automatically recognize the color to be changed. Then the color correction is easily achieved wither either HSL sliders, the color wheel or with presets. Thus, SilverFast‘s selective color correction is particularly intuitive. For more complicated cases, there is the possibility to use scalable vector masks to perform independent color corrections on 4 layers.


Compatibility - SilverFast 8 is compatible with Windows 7 & 8, Vista and XP, and it runs natively on Mac OS X systems from version 10.5 (including 10.8). 32bit systems are as well supported as 64bit machines. The support of multi-core processors and cleverly developed calculation rules allow significant speed advantages - in some cases, SilverFast 8 is almost up to 40 times faster than the previous version.

Multi-Tasking - SilverFast 8 is multitasking capable. Thus, the user is never forced to interrupt his workflow in order to wait for the scanner or a complex SilverFast calculation to get ready. For example, if several originals should be scanned in a row, the user can already set the image optimization adjustments of the second scan, while the scanner captures the first original.

Auto Adjust - Image optimization with just a single mouse click is, what the intelligent algorithms of SilverFast‘s Auto Adjust make possible. These automatic image optimization is a welcome help not just for beginners. The advanced user can customize the image automatics according to his needs.


iSRD® - iSRD is a particularly reliable and comprehensive solution to remove dust and scratches with infrared technology. With a preview functionality and all parameters controllable in combination with the possibility to work on different layers, iSRD stands apart from similar tools such as ICE.


Descreening - This tool removes the printing screen every printed original contains for production reasons. Thus, unwanted Moiré effects are avoided. SilverFast‘s Descreening is the only tool of its kind recognizing and preserving printed text.


NegaFix® - With well over 120 film profiles available, NegaFix guarantees best results and color fidelity in the conversion of negatives to positives.


USM - The Unsharp Masking USM is a sophisticated tool for luminancebased calculation of detail contrast in order to improve image sharpness without compromising color saturation and tonal values of the image. With the preview feature, the user can already assess the resulting sharpness before scanning.


Auto Frame Alignment® - When positioning multiple images on the scanner, the Auto Frame Alignment in combination with the Automatic Frame Detection is especially helpful. It will not only find and frame the originals, but it will also align them in a rectangular order with a single mouse click.

SC2G® - The SC2G tool converts color images into vivid, high-contrast grayscale images. The user here has the ability to assign a matching shade of gray to each color himself.



QuickTime Movies - The SilverFast movies are very helpful for beginners. They can be opened directly from within the software dialogs the user is currently working with.

Neutral Pipette (MidPip) - By setting up to 4 neutral points, even complex color casts can be removed safely. Further adjustment options of these neutral points provide total control over this process for the user.