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PrimeFilm XEs

PrimeFilm XEs

▪ Manual 135 Film & Slide Scanning
▪ 10,000 dpi/48-bit Output
▪ 3.9 Dynamic Range
▪ Magic Touch - Dust/Scratch Removal
▪ Multipass Xposure - HDR
▪ Auto Color - Color Reconstruction
▪ Digital Noise Reduction
▪ Support Mac/Windows

▪ Manual film & slide scanning - With users inserting slide holder and film holder manually, PrimeFilm XEs is capable of scanging 135 negative film & positive slides. The film holder & slide holder are composed of sturdy plastic, and there are pressure strips in the middle of each negative to ensure the flatness of the negative. 


▪ Superior image quality - With 3.9 dynamic range and a resolution of 10,000 dpi, PrimeFilm XEs Film Scanner provides high quality scanning capability of 135 film and slides

▪ New fast scan mode - Will offer 30% faster scan speeds than PrimeFilm XE

 User friendly interface 

    1. Viewing window - With the viewing window on the top of the scanner, users can see the whole scanning process.

    2. One button scan - Users can experience faster scanning process by using one button scan. 

 3rd party software support - Bundles Lasersoft Imageing SilverFast SE 8, which gives users another optioin. We offer a free SilverFast SE 8 serial number, which can help our customers to download the SilverFast SE8 from Lasersoft Imageing website.




▪ Infrared dust and scratch removal - Magic Touch technology eliminates flaws in film, such as dust or scratches, in the final image scan

▪ Optimal dynamic range - Multipass Xposure technology scans each frame or slide multiple times to enhance the detail of dark area without sacrificing the bright area.

▪ Higher color accuracy - Accurate color adjustment, resulting in vibrant images with optimal brightness, contrast and saturation

▪ Digital noise reduction - Isolate and manage noise/grain in both highlight and shadow areas without sacrificing image detail.

▪ Fading Film Color Correction - As the films are placed in a long period of time, it will become fading. We have unique technology to correct this issue.


Minimum System Requirements

• Windows 7/8/10/11 32 & 64 bit
• 4 GB RAM Minumum 
• 50 GB of available hard disk space 

• Mac OS X 10.7 (minimum), PowerPC NOT SUPPORTED
• 4 GB of RAM (8 GB or more highly recommended)
• 50 GB of available hard disk space 


Where to buy ?

You can buy our scanners from our resellers including Adorama, Amazon and B&H

You can buy our accessories from our direct shop: Scanacedirect

For more reseller information, please contact us via the product inquiry form below.

Scanning Media 135 Mounted Slides & Filmstrip
Resolution 10,000 DPI
Dynamic Range   3.9
Advanced Features   Manual Film & Slide Scanning
User Friendly Interface

• One Button Scan

• Viewing window

Light Source White and Infrared LED Array
Sensor Linear Array Color CCD
Data Conversion 48 bits per pixel (color mode)
16 bits per pixel (grayscale mode)
Image File Format JPG, TIF 
Scanning Area 24.3mm x 36.5mm (H x W)
Interface USB 2.0 
Power Supply

Input: AC 100-240V; 50/60 Hz

Output: 12V DC / 1.5A

Accessories • Film Holder 
• Slide Holder
• Wall-mount Adapter
• USB 2.0 Cable
• Quick Installation Guide
Dimensions 275(L) X 167(W) X 80(H) mm (10.8 x 6.57 x 3.15 inch)
Net Weight 1kg (2.21lb)

Windows 7/8/10/11

Mac OS 10.7 (minimum)

Hardware Requirements

• RAM: 4GB (8GB or more highly recommended)
• Hard Disk Free Space: 50 GB or more

• RAM: 4GB (8GB or more highly recommended)
• Hard Disk Free Space: 50 GB or more

Product Inquiry

    If you require technical support, please provide serial number from the bottom of the scanner