Digitalizing Your Memory at Home

Old Memories in Drawers and Shoeboxes: Digitizing old films and slides unlocks a flood of mixed emotions

Scanning old films and slides during COVID-19 lockdown does more than just digitizing memories, it also takes you on an emotional journey


During this tough period of time, we recognize that this social distancing situation has created an increased need for digitizing technology. Now more than ever, our customers are depending on us to provide them with the exceptional products and services they expect from Pacific Image Electronics (PIE). We will not let them down. PIE is working to supply products and support during these trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since the stay at home orders were issued, many people stay at home with the need for something to occupy their hours in the day, Now is the perfect time to go through all those old film negatives and get them digitized so they can once again be cherished instead of languishing away in a box in the closet or garage.

One of our great digital solutions, the PowerFilm scanner, this scanner’s unique design allows you to scan 10 film strips up to 6 frames each automatically making the task of digitizing more efficient.

Pacific Image PowerFilm Automatic Film Scanner:

Pacific Image PowerFilm Scanner Feature


Advanced Features


CyberView PF 135 scanning software is the interface used by the scanner to achieve scans; this software has many built in features, such as Magic Touch, Auto Color Correction, and Digital Noise Reduction to facilitate good quality scans from your device.

CyberView PF 135 scanning software is your intuitive link to your device for all your scanning needs, it offers you Advanced features to enhance your images with fully customizable options, or you can simply enable the automatic functions and let the software do the rest, scanning your images directly to your selected location be it on your hard drive, an external storage device has never been easier, and for the power user you can purchase the world renowned VueScan software for even more advanced features to enhance your experience even further.


PowerFilm scanner vs Photo scanner
Since film contains much more detail than photo prints, PowerFilm will let you get the best possible image quality. 24-megapixel scanning capabilities allow you to capture and preserve all the integrity and depth of your originals.

PowerFilm scanner VS Flatbed film scanner


With unique optical design and fine adjustment of image parameters, PowerFilm can display more original details than commercially available film scanners, so that you will not lose the precious memories.

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