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Chipron Meat 5.0 LCD Kit

Chipron Meat 5.0 LCD Kit

Chipron LCD Array Kit Meat 5.0 是一種基於 DNA 的動物物種辨識組。 憑藉其精密的引物和探針設計,Meat 5.0 為用戶提供了一種快速又可靠的篩選方法,可在很短的時間內識別 24 種動物物種。 整個過程不到 2.5 小時。 只需點擊幾下,專門設計的軟體就可以讓用戶收到準確的辨識報告。 它是用於實驗室第一輪篩選的完美組合,可一次性快速辨別並獲得結果。

One experiment to know 24 animal species
• Cover 24 species in one experiment,
• Perfect experiment for First Round screen
• Find unexpected additions of animal material. Traditional method cannot offer!

※ Weak cross reactivity of the capture probe for Reindeer with pure Red Deer and vice versa can occur at high target


Robust: Non fluorescent detection chemistry.
Fast: 90 minutes PCR, 45 minutes array protocol.


Cost Efficient: Minimal lab instrumentation required.



Reliable: Automatic, software assisted data read-out.



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1.Food faud inspection & control

2.Used as a "first round screen" to find unexpected ingredients. Saving lots of time & efforts

3.Suitable Customers:   Government control lab

                                      Privaet lab

                                      Research lab

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