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Chipron Meat 5.0 LCD Kit

Chipron Meat 5.0 LCD Kit

Using the provided primer mix, biotinylated PCR products are generated from DNA extracts of ‘Food’ preparations containing meat or milk products. The labeled amplicons are hybridized to species specific capture probes immobilized on the LCD-Chip surface. Following a short wash routine, comprising high stringency, visualization of bound amplicons is mediated by an enzyme-substrate cascade. Each LCD-Chip contains eight identical micro arrays separated in small reaction chambers which can be addressed individually.

▪ Main Features

One experiment to know 24 animal species
Cover 24 species in one experiment,
Perfect experiment for First Round screen
Find unexpected additions of animal material. Traditional method cannot offer!

※ Weak cross reactivity of the capture probe for Reindeer with pure Red Deer and vice versa can occur at high target

▪ Robust: Non fluorescent detection chemistry
▪ Fast: 90 minutes PCR, 45 minutes array protocol


▪ Cost Efficient: Minimal lab instrumentation required



▪ Reliable: Automatic, software assisted data read-out

▪ Literature

[l] lwobi A. , Huber I., Hauner G., Miller A. and Busoh U ., (2011):
Biochip Technology ·for the Detection of Animal Species in Meat Products;
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[2] Cawthom O.M., Steinman H.A ., Hoffman L.C. (2013):
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▪ Application

1.Food faud inspection & control

2.Used as a "first round screen" to find unexpected ingredients. Saving lots of time & efforts

3.Suitable Customers:   

Government control lab/Privaet lab/Research lab

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